Nethack Utilities

Granted, this is not much of a web page. (And don't expect fancy graphics, anyway :-)
It's just an unique entry point mainly to access the applets that I usually need during my Nethack games.
Note: The applets have been tested with Firefox only. Use at own risk.



Spell Casting Failure Rate Calculation Spell Learning Success Rate Calculation Spell Expiry Notifier
spells fig learnspells fig spellexp fig


Determine Object by Price
prices fig

(Artifact-) Weapons

Artifact Weapons Damage Calculator Role Specific Weapons Damage List (3.6.0) Role Specific Weapons Damage List (3.4.3)
artifacts fig weapons360 fig weapons343 fig


Castle Drawbridge Mastermind Solver
mm fig

Character Selection

Random Character Selector
nhrcs fig

Source Code (experimental)

The algorithm in the C source code creates orthogonal partitioned random maps. It can be used to construct new basic types of generic maps for Nethack, Sewers and Towns (in addition to the existing Rooms/Corridors, Mines, and Maze types). The parameters of the algorithm have been developed in a way so that layouts are generated that look natural while still preserving enough variety. (Note: The code is polymorphic; if executed as 'town' the Town generation will be active, otherwise the Sewers generation.)

Town and Sewers dungeon type

Sewers Sample Layout Town Sample Layout
sewers_sample fig town_sample fig

Use the Sample Generator to create sewer and town samples on the fly.

Offline Utilities

Random Character Selector

Kornshell Program

Usage Documentation


Crossing the Sea of Medusa using Boulders

Nothing Personal

Pictures of me and my pet bat ;-)

Usenet post about my first Nethack ascension, Subject: Ascension (long).

My personal NAO Ascension Statistics (role and race).

Some more statistics about the NAO Top-10 Z-Score Players.

Statistical results about the Difficulty of the Nethack Roles.

NAO deaths Condensed Data (based on NAO topdeaths) - updated weekly.


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